PageCloud changelog
PageCloud changelog

Site-wide colors for inline text formatting






You can now use Site-wide colors in the inline text editor. Great for adding a splash of color to a key word in a title to however you like to color your text.

As always with Site-wide colors, you can adjust the value of the color in in Site settings and see your update applied everywhere you have used the color.

Learn more about Site-wide colors

Introducing e-commerce






Pagecloud e-commerce allows you to create and manage your online store and website all in one place. With quick and easy set up you can display your products, keep track of orders and inventory, and delight your customers with a beautiful design. Get all the essential e-commerce features and endless customization you need to start selling online.

To celebrate our public beta launch, we're offering 15% off you first subscription payment when you sign up for an e-commerce plan. Use code SELLMORE15 at checkout.

Learn more about e-commerce with Pagecloud

Site-wide colors





Site-wide colors are Pagecloud’s latest feature that allows you to create, name and reuse a color. You can apply these colors to everything across your pages: objects, backgrounds, image tints and more. When you change a site-wide color, the change will automatically be applied everywhere that color is used across your entire site!

These will allow you to have a consistent color scheme across your site and dramatically speed up your update process.

We've put together a blog post to help you get started.

Partner Program






We are thrilled to announce our new Pagecloud Partner Program. Share Pagecloud and earn a 20% lifetime revenue share for every new customer, plus you get to extend a 20% discount to your community, everybody is winning! There are no limits on the amount you can earn.

Pagecloud users we want to share our success with you, learn more about this opportunity.

Reorder columns






You asked for it! Reorder columns using the updated Column control strip. Simply select a column and click the arrow buttons in the control strip to move it to the left or right of adjacent columns.

Also included, updated selection wrappers. Wrappers are now color coded, purple for objects and blue for containers like Sections and Columns. Column control strips now get out of your way allowing you easy access to all objects in columns.

We hope you find these updates helpful.

Hide and Show in Auto columns





Hide objects in desktop and show them in mobile. Or the other way around, it’s up to you! This will help you with that flexibility you’ve been looking for.

Hide and show has been around for a while but only worked in Manual columns and cluttered your design with faded out objects set to hidden. Well no more. In Auto and Manual columns hidden objects are actually hidden and you have a new control at your disposal to show and hide all hidden objects, it’s right beside the Desktop and Mobile mode buttons.

Learn more about hiding objects

We moved something






To provide you a better experience we moved the bottom bar to the top of the page. As part of this update we have also moved the Mobile and Desktop view controls into the new top bar. We understand this will take a bit of getting used to but we think you’ll like it as much as we do.

Add a background to Auto groups





Auto groups now support styles including background color, borders, shadow and padding allowing you more creativity with your responsive designs. This works in both Auto and Manual columns.

Give it a try!

Learn more about auto groups

Get colourful with gradients





Screen Shot 2020-12-18 at 11.29.05 AM.png

You can now use gradients for Section and Column backgrounds and even rectangle and circle shapes!

Learn all about how to include gradients on our answers page.

Handy presets!





We've added some handy presets to help you quickly apply consistent settings.

Section padding - select from none, Small, Medium, Large and X Large. Think of these like page margins, apply them consistently across your sections to create a cohesive look.

Column padding - select from none, Small, Medium, Large and X Large. Use these when you need to provide some a buffer between the edge of the column and the content within.

Color tint - Light, Medium, Dark, we've got you covered with some quick presets to get you started.

Shadows - We've setup three kinds of shadows; Soft shadows, Bold shadows and Graphic shadows. Choose your look or use these as a place to start.

Hope these come in handy.

Want more presets? let us know.